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  • hazuki_lynch: Often when I speak of lyrics, I say "there's no real emotional concept I want to convey," but strictly speaking that's not accurate. There are countless emotions I want to show you guys, but they aren't emotions I want to put into lyrics.
  • hazuki_lynch: People are liable to misunderstand the idea of not wanting to convey an emotional concept in lyrics as saying the lyrics are meaningless. Even pro interviewers misunderstand this, and it's a problem that frustrates me.
  • hazuki_lynch: To me, lyrics are more like the things you see in dreams. Making murmuring waves of people freeze (BALLAD), being able to walk on a rainbow-colored sky (CRYSTALIZE), even an old woman having female ejaculations (melt).
  • hazuki_lynch: That said, I'm a little stumped because I do like meaningless lyrics. Specific ones being DOZE, MARROW, -273.15℃. Those ones are beautiful and I love them for that in itself.
  • hazuki_lynch: There are cases where my lyrics have meaning and cases where they don't, but LIGHTNING is probably the first and last song where I sung the message to the outside, the rest are all soliloquies. When a person hears them, what they feel is entirely dependent on their own self. I want my lyrics to provide at least that much freedom.
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What the actual fuck?! XD

What the actual fuck?! XD

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How Sherlock faked his death…


According to two very caffeine-addled and sleep deprived college students with nothing better to do.

And yes, I realize this is just a TV show but I’m trying to avoid filling out scholarship applications and this seemed the best way to accomplish that.


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That is so fucking awesome!


why must Hyuna ruin Gangnam style

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There’s too much suitbatch. I can’t handle more suitbatch. I am dying!

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  • Victory: Defeat
  • Taeyang: Taeying
  • G-Dragon: G-Unicorn
  • T.O.P: B.O.T.T.O.M
  • Daesung: Daedidn'tsing
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GIVEAWAY TIME: This time it’s Sherlock’s Eschenbach Folding Magnifier!

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  • Friend: you only like ______ because of his looks.
  • Me: yeah, that's why I bought his album, to listen to his face.
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